Providing Guidance in the Face of Uncertainty

As SBA policies change and the state of franchise finance fluctuates with the times, the Franchise Registry continues to evolve to satisfy both lender and franchise needs.

FRANdata has continued to expand services that help improve access to franchise financing for our 8,000 SBA, conventional and alternative lender members. This includes electronic dissemination of signed addendums, and special subscription services for access to additional franchise credit risk ratings for small and medium sized banks. With change comes uncertainty but at FRANdata we’re committed to continuing to support lenders and franchises alike efficiently navigate changes to keep capital flowing.

The Franchise Registry remains the centralized place where more than 8.000+ franchise registry lenders from thousands of banks across the nation, can find the most updated information about the franchise systems they work with, and this holds true as well for the ever-changing SBA requirements for franchise loans.

The Franchise Registry answers critical questions that help lenders navigate the requirements needed to comply with SBA franchise loan policies, such as:

  • Whether a franchisor will be willing to sign the new SBA addendum
  • Whether a franchise system has been previously determined ineligible due to business model issues
  • Whether the business is a franchise per FTC definition
  • If relevant, determine whether a franchise has chosen to use their 2015 or 2016 addendums
  • Download franchisor certification if the 2015 or 2016 addendums are chosen
  • Determine if the franchise brand has requirements the lender needs to comply with prior to signing the addendum

Currently, more than 3,500 franchise brand’s information is accessible to help you make better and faster loan decisions. We are continually updating the information on the site, if you find that a franchise you need information from does not have updated information contact us at franchise and we will take steps necessary to update their information.

We run Webinars that help Lenders understand SBA franchise policies, how to use the franchise registry and how to grow their franchise business – Visit our website http://www. to sign up for the latest webinar.

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