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Unlike independent business loans, franchises systems have a ton of information that can help you assess credit risk. For the past 15 years the Franchise Registry we have helped you make SBA loans by providing you with verification of SBA eligibilty. Now we go further by offering you a series of information tools that will allow you to access the information you need to accelerate and improve your lending to franchises.

When you get your complimentary login to the Franchise Registry website, you will be able to underwrite franchises to a degree you have never been able to before and gain easy and early access to franchise borrowers that meet your minimium borrower profile.

Some of the information you will find includes:

  • Bank Credit Reports on specific franchise brands
  • SBA Loan Loss Data
  • FRANdata Re-stated SBA Loan Loss Data
  • Minimum Franchisee Financial Requirements (FICO, Net Worth, etc.)
  • Franchise System Unit Continuity
  • System Territory and Growth
  • SBA Loan Eligibility Documentation
  • FRUNS number
  • Much, much more

To get your login, simply click the button below. We regularly hold webinars for individuals and insitutions. If you would like learn more, please contact FRANdata at 800.485.9570 or franchiseregistry@frandata.com.