What is the Franchise Registry?

The Franchise Registry is relied upon by its more than 9,000 lenders and more than 3500 franchisor members to be the conduit for vital documentation, verification and performance data and scoring needed to fulfill thousands of franchise loans every year.

The Franchise Registry serves an important role in the franchise financing process. The site provides education, clarity, and a centralized place where lenders can find reliable information and documentation on a brand they are underwriting or seeking to build relationships with.

How to get your brand listed? In order to have your brand listed, you must submit your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) so that we can verify that you are a franchise. We will also need your headquarter address and contact information for at least one primary contact (you may add others at any time).

Accelerate and Improve Franchisee Financing

The Franchise Registry is where lenders come to do franchise financing. When your prospective franchisees are ready to open their unit, or when your existing franchisees need to refinance, your franchise needs to be included on the Franchise Registry if you want lenders to make the loan.

Franchise Financing Services Offered on the Franchise Registry:

Franchise Registry Membership:

  • Updating your page within the secured part of the site to reflect your preferences when it comes to the latest SBA franchise SOP changes
  • Reviewing your latest FDD to make sure it is still in compliance
  • Helping you stay up to date with the latest SBA changes and how it affects what you need to provide to lenders
  • Lender communications assistance
  • Visibility to a constantly expanding list of individual lenders (currently more than 9,000) regularly seeking franchise information
  • Updates on lender activity when it comes to your brand
  • Consultation on your financing programs and lender perception

BCR Services: Lenders consider loan packages that do not have any information about the franchise system to be high risk and they are reluctant to make the deals. A Bank Credit Report (BCR) on your franchise system provides lenders the information they need to overcome their risk concerns. Endorsed by major lending institutions such as Bank of America, TD Bank, The Bancorp and others, the reports are beginning to be a requirement for franchise lending.

For more information email franchiseregistry@franchiseregistry.com or call 800.485.9570

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